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Sovereign Kingdom Leadership is a global center helping business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals to find their True-Purpose and learn how to deploy their Vision as transformative agents of kingdom and sovereignty.

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We offer one-on-one consultations with a coach or mentor, a class seminar, or a conference presentation for large gatherings. We encourage entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss their vision with other seasoned leaders in business, investment, and new start-ups.

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We collaborate and partnership with special groups, charities, and businesses to support the humanitarian aid of the needy and bring a social and health awareness to people of diverse communities.

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Learn more about our vision, mission, and team of leaders who are dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and inspiring business owners, groups, organizations, and individuals to be thought leaders and influencers through Sovereign Kingdom Leadership and personal development.


Leadership has made a life-changing difference in my life and now I use many of those skills to help others embrace their inward sovereign abilities.

Paul Charles
Vice President - Shoemon Corporation

Personal leadership is for everyone including mothers, women business owners, and wives. I started my company as a woman who's mission was to help empower other women as a coach and mentor. Now I mentor women through speaking and coaching.

Gloria Harris
Woman Entrepreneur

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